Bad hire will cost you 2 Tesla Roadsters

Brand new Tesla Roadster

Yes, you read that right! Making 1 bad software engineering hire will cost you 2 Tesla Roadsters, at least.

Think about that next time you have an urgent hire to make and you hesitate to work with a 3rd party recruiting agency.

Why this matters:

Even though partnering with a recruiting firm can cost you a brand new sports car, the risks of hiring a bad candidate is 10X more costly. That is not an exaggeration. 

Working with a recruiting firm can be as expensive as buying a brand new Chevrolet Camaro.

But by choosing to skimp out on working with specialized recruiting partners, you run the risk of hiring a bad candidate. Especially if you rely on internal recruiters. Not a knock on internal recruiters, but it’s a fact.

Because they don’t have the tools, market know-how and are bogged down with the company bureaucracy…

And most importantly, lack the technical skills for highly specialized roles, like software engineering. (Our strength)

Quick Breakdown:

On average, the fees are anywhere between 15%-25% for a single placement.

Let’s do a simple back-of-a-napkin math.

For a software engineer whose base salary is $100k, paying 3rd party agency would wind up to be $15k-$25k. Sounds a lot, right? Wait till you hire a bad engineer on your team and see the price tag on that.

Assuming you did end-up hiring a bad engineer, but credit to you, you noticed that he was a bad hire within 2 months and made the decision to let him go.

According to the following statistics, a bad developer on a 8-week tenure can end-up costing you roughly a staggering half a million. Which equals to 2 Founder’s Tesla roadsters limited edition (each roughly $250k).

Imagine if the bad engineer lasted at your company for a year.

That’s almost $3 million.

Next time you hesitate working with the 3rd party recruiting firm, keep in mind that you run the risk of bad hire, which would cost 2 Tesla Roadsters.

But what if you tried working with 3rd party agencies, and got burned before?

Unfortunately, you are not the only one!

Most companies who rely on 3rd party agencies, are not happy with them. There are good ones out there, but they are few and far between.

That boils down to 1 reason only.

That’s having ZERO technical knowledge in the field in which they recruit in. Crazy right?

That’s why we started BlueBridge Solutions.

Recruiting agency founded by 2 brothers with combined of 15 years of software dev experience who saw the mess time-and-time again in recruiting.

If you like to speak with us to help you fill highly technical role, please go ahead and book a consultation call.

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