Why Software Engineers Should Recruit Software Engineers?

Here is Why Software Engineers Should Recruit Software Engineers.

Let’s imagine this scenario…

You are in charge of building a wooden house and you need skilled carpenters for the job.

Would you task a plumber or a shoemaker to identify and find you the skilled carpenters you need?

Hopefully not! Because time and money!

Time => Both the plumber and shoemaker would, more often than not, provide potential candidates who are subpar or flat-out unqualified for the job. Because they both do not possess the career capital required to properly assess.

Sure, eventually they would provide good and solid candidates, but at what cost?

How much time would go to waste? How many unqualified candidates would have to go through the interview pipeline?

For example, let’s assume, total # of candidates provided by plumber/shoemaker to you is 12.


  • Out of 12, 6 of them are flat-out unqualified.
  • 2 of the remaining 6 are so-so candidates.
  • And you got 4 potential qualified candidates. FOUR! Out of 12.

But you still had to interview 8 of them yourself before coming to that conclusion.
And that was the job of the plumber and the shoemaker in the 1st place.
The potential candidates were sneaky and used a lot of memorized keywords and jargons making our recruiters fall for their tricks.

85% of people lie on their resumes/interviews. (Source: Legal jobs)

So the ratio was 4/12 or roughly 33%.

Time is ticking. While the wooden house project is sitting idle. Both costing you time AND money.

What if you hired carpenter to scout for other carpenters from the get-go?

What do you think would be the ratio in this case?

Way more higher than 33%. Because the scouting carpenter serves as a filter to catch the unqualified carpenter candidates before even passing them to you for interviews.
How, you may ask, a carpenter can catch but plumber or a shoemaker cannot? Again, answer lies in carpenter’s career capital.

The memorized keywords or concepts did not trick our skilled scouting carpenter.

As a result, candidates provided to you are verified and, most importantly, QUALIFIED.

Now, you have a higher chance of hiring a carpenter much sooner than the previous option.

Which means, you can start the project sooner making the future homebuyer happier. ==> Money

The examples provided above are not random.

As a software engineer myself, throughout my career, we had to interview candidates we received from internal recruiters/staffing firms and those numbers that I mentioned above, if anything, are massively under exaggerated.

This is why we started BlueBridge Solutions.

Software Engineers recruiting other software engineers for companies looking to quickly accelerate their engineering needs with the RIGHT talent and who are tired from dealing with recruiting agencies and empty promises.

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